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DDK Empire Staffing stands out as a premier agency in central Florida, excelling in the art of linking talented individuals with promising career openings. Our expertise spans various domains including  call center, clerical,  manufacturing, permanent placement, and beyond.

DDK Empire Staffings & Recruiting Method

Why people choose DDK Empire Staffing: Our unique 4 step process 

is designed to get you interviewed, trained, and hired as fast as possible.

The advantage of our
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We cover sectors as diverse as these…

Professional Staff

We understand that choosing the right candidates is critical to a company's success, especially in key roles that require specific professional experience and expertise.

Industrial Staff

Our recruitment service for the industrial sector is designed to help companies find the best talent in this highly specialized and demanding industry.

Hotel Staff

Our hospitality recruitment service is designed to help companies find highly qualified and passionate hospitality talent.

Call Center

Call centers play a crucial role in organizations. With a scarcity of talent, understaffing can negatively impact customer relations. DDK Empire Staffing excels in effectively matching candidates to brands.

Warehouse Staff

Our recruitment service for the warehouses sector is designed to help companies find skilled and committed professionals in the logistics and inventory management field.

Cleaning Staff

Our recruitment service for the janitorial services industry is designed to help companies find highly qualified professionals committed to excellence.

We understand that the key to the success of any company lies in having the right people.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted and strategic partner to our clients. Our goal is to exceed their expectations by providing them with the right people to drive the growth and success of their business.

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Take your career to the next level: No matter what career challenges you may face, DDK Empire Staffing LLC can help you meet them head-on.


Finding a job doesn’t have to be hard. Call us and scheduled your interview to start your next career with us. With several year of experience, we’ve got you covered.


Need to fill job openings? DDK Empire Staffing can help you. Don’t stress trying to find the right staffing agency, we are here to meet your staffing needs.

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By engaging our recruiting services, companies can leverage these benefits and gain a competitive advantage by building high-performing teams that drive business growth and success. Let us help you find the talent your company needs and ensure effective and successful hiring.

Thank you DDK Empire Staffing for helping me to get the best desired position for me, I have a good salary and many benefits for me and my family.
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